02:06:28 sahara hello everyone i'm from Libya . nice to meet you
17:12:40 ptsparks Turned out to be a split in the Turbo Hose :)
22:54:05 paddyford hi all,my 75e15 is riddled with rust.its a 93 cab and i was wondering would the later eurocargo cab fit it??
18:38:36 ptsparks Those wanting the password for Iveco Power 2008, Its POWER but you must change your PC date to june 2008 or you get a login error.
17:58:07 ptsparks Hi, Can anyone help me with lack of power on hills with a Daily 29L11. It feels like there's no turbo boost.
05:42:40 sinodiesel hellp, Is there are anyone here?
13:40:16 tgarratt i am having a engine problem with the daily 3511.. i can turn it over perfectly but when i eccelerate it has no go???
13:39:21 tgarratt Where can i find the lambar sensor on the iveco daily 3511 ??????
09:13:18 Kelly Hello everyone.I'm from China.Nice to meet you.