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Engine problem?

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2009-10-25 13:47:49

Hi all, i have the iveco daily 2.8 3511.

basically i started it up the other day, and drove down the road, all of a sudden it lost power, then it drove fine again for a couple of miles, loosing power and then not loosing power, it was very strange.

when i got the van home i turned it off and left it for a few hours, when i returned it started straight up but had very little drive almost as though the clutch had gone (but it hasnt)

it still turns over perfectly but when i go to drive it wont go over around 10mph??

everything has been checked engine wise, clutch, drive shaft, gear box, etc... but nobody seems to no whats happend.

can anyone help me?? somebody mentioned it maybe the lambar sensor but i have no idea where that is located on the daily as its not visiable from the engine bay.

2009-12-21 05:55:15

I think you should ask for help from where you buy it. I think it has guarantee period for each vehicle, and even it is overtime, you can fix your vehicle for charge.