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2009-12-03 04:01:02

IVECO in China

Iveco Engine Company (China) is a joint venture company invested by China and IVECO S.P.A. of Italy Fiat Group. , having a site area of about 120,000 m2 and a building area of 50,000 m2. There are automatized producing lines for cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connectiong rod, camshaft & accessory case and 4 engine assembling and testing lines, which are set up with the advanced equipment, inspection instrument and testing facilities of more than 900 units. The company produces SOFIM 8140, 8142 diesel engines which are top-class engines designed and developed by IVECO Italy. Following upon the updating technology of IVECO Italy, the direct injection turbo-charged inter cooling diesel engine 8140.43 was launched successfully in 1998, and passed the intensive testing and reliablility testing of 2000 hours in the testing center of IVECO Italy, reaching the emmission level of Euro II as the first in China. At the end of 2003, the company launched the 8140.43S/43N diesel engine that conform to the emission level of Euro III adopting the advanced technology of high-pressure common rail and electronically-controlled injection. The factory starts batch producing the new engine in March of 2004. Therefore, SOFIM engines continue to hold a leading position in performance and environment protection.

The advanced technology, outstanding quality, high reliability and good reputation bring the company a lot of economic returns. Since 1999, the company has exported to IVECO Italy more than 50,000 sets of engine components, such as cylinder block, crankshaft, cylinder head and camshaft, which meet completely the requirements of IVECO Italy.

Jiangsu Sunlord Electronics & Machinery Co.,Ltd ,successfully gained export right as IVECO agent in 2005, which is engaged in Sofim 8140,8142 diesel engines & spare parts for ten years.In addition, we are able to provide the IVECO light commercial vehicle OEM/aftermarket parts (Power Daily, Turbo Daily in its passenger bus, truck and boxed truck commercial vehicle versions, Ouba, and Venice)



2009-12-21 05:41:38

that's great to hear the Iveco developing so fast in china.