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Leaf springs and funny noise help

Forum Iveco Daily Leaf springs and funny noise help

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2015-10-13 20:08:46

Hi guys, a little help here please, running a Iveco daily 2005 now I have two problems one is there is a noise bit like a vacuum cleaner from the engine can happen when empty but with high speed and revs or when she is loaded but it does not seem to lose power just an odd noise ???

2nd now this is a little harder lol, I rebuilt the back end part of the body as in I made the box a step well body all works great however I have drop it to much and would like to raise the back of the body up by 4 inch or 100mm I have been told to make/buy if you can a lifting kit or a 100mm block of steel to sit on top of axle and reattach the leaf spriggs

So basically lifting the leafs 100mm above axle and replace the shocks as will be 100mm to short ? Any one heard of a problem like this or any one have a better idea ???

Thank peeps and I will await your replies thanking you in adavance