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ItaliaspeedTV - Iveco Defence Vehicles, Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV)

The Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV), the tactical vehicle with full-time all wheel drive called Lince by the Italian military and Panther by the English, continues to be an active player on the international scene. The LMV, entirely designed and assembled by Iveco Defence Vehicles in Bolzano, avails itself of sophisticated technology whose strong points are its outstanding mobility let alone its anti-mine protection properties, proved on many occasions in its diverse peace keeping role. Besides the Italian armed forces and Civil Protection, Iveco has supplied numerous LMVs to the armed forces of Great Britain, Belgium and Croatia. Now also the Spanish Ministry of Defence, in the area of an ambitious long term plan of improving the tactical and logistic safety, has opted for the armoured, anti-mine version of the LMV. Added to this is a new important vehicle supply agreement for Norway and the Czech Republic and the fact that the LMV is the only light armoured vehicle on the market that has passed the stringent tests of mobility, performance and reliability demanded by the British Ministry of Defence, that will officially put the LMV in its service early in 2008. The approval tests are renowned as very arduous in which the vehicle is subjected to repetitive simulated operational activities, monitoring reliability and off-road mobility versus an elevated objective normally used for tracked vehicles. The LMV is equipped with a Common Rail Diesel engine rated at 190 hp ...

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