Video - Military Vehicles [Italy]: Iveco Fiat-Oto Melara VBL Puma LAV (Esercito Italiano)

Videos Iveco Military Vehicles [Italy]: Iveco Fiat-Oto Melara VBL Puma LAV (Esercito Italiano)

Military Vehicles [Italy]: Iveco Fiat-Oto Melara VBL Puma LAV (Esercito Italiano)

The Vehiculo Blindato Leggero (VBL) is an Italian Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) produced by the Iveco Fiat and Oto Melara consortium for the Italian Army. The armoured fighting vehicle family consists of 6x6 and 4x4 variants. First prototypes completed in 1988, with a total of five testbed vehicles being completed by 1990. The Italian Army started ordering in 1999 with the first vehicles delivered in 2003. The vehicles' first operational deployment was in Southern Iraq in 2005. The hulls for the different versions of the Puma vehicles are customised to meet the specific mission requirements, while the mechanical systems, with minor differences in the transfer casing, are common to the family of vehicles. The 4X4 variant carries two soldiers in addition to the driver and gunner, and is used in pairs for battlefield reconnaissance. The 6X6 version carries four soldiers plus driver and gunner, and together with another Puma 6X6 can carry an entire Italian infantry squad of eight men. The combat vehicles can be armed with the Raytheon TOW anti-tank missile, the missile launcher being mounted on the roof of the vehicle. The TOW missile is a wire-guided, optically tracked missile with a maximum range of 3.75km. MBDA Milan anti-tank guided missile and Mistral surface-to-air missile can also be fitted to the vehicle. It can also be equipped with a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun. Current operators are: Italy *330 4x4 variant *250 6x6 variant Argentine *2 units (testing, peacekeeping ...

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