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The Irisbus Agora (previously known as Renault Agora, Karosa City Bus or Ikarus Agora) was a low-floor bus designed and built by Renault from 1996 to 2002, date upon which it has been built by Irisbus, firstly a joint-venture with Fiat subsidiary Iveco from 1999, with Iveco engines. It has also been built by Czech-based Karosa under the Citybus name as a diesel-powered bus, and Skoda as a trolleybus in Eastern European markets. Standard Agora buses have been used by Athens bus operator OAS in two versions: diesel and CNG. The range consisted of: Standard 12-metre "S" version, available in two- or three-door form Articulated 18-metre "L" version in three- or four-door form "Line" 12-metre version in two- or three-door form (built from 1999). This version is distinct from the standard Agora by its engine layout, which is longitudinally-mounted (under the rear passenger seats) instead of being transverserly mounted in the Agora S and L. That gives the Line version a slightly greater seating capacity and a better fuel economy over the S version. Intercity version called "Moovy" (unveiled in 2003) which was based on the Agora Line.




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