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Request more information in Logismarket: Iveco Stralis It is made up of 3 engines (8, 10 and 13-litre Cursor), 3 cabs (Active Day, Active Time and Active Space3) It includes:4x2 tractors, both conventional and specialist applications, for example, Low Tractor and car transporters6x2 tractors with a steered central axle4x2 rigids with rear air and full-air suspension6x2 rigids with a single or twin-wheeled third axle, lifting, fixed or steered6x4 tractors: Stralis can be combined with many types of suspension, including low and high raise capability suspension units that adapt the vehicle to the height required for a range of delivery applications.The Stralis family offers a broad range of wheelbases that guarantee excellent bodybuilding solutions, automated and automatic gearboxes and rear axle ratios selected for an optimum trade-off between engine rpm and vehicle gradability. See all products in Commercial Vehicles:

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