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Randwick Garbage (MJ GenV Refuse)

Randwick was the second council I visited for videos of garbage trucks. What got me travelling many the kilometres from home, by myself, into an unknown area, when I was only 14 was MacDonald Johnston's previously never before seen new GenV side loader series, and of course the new Iveco Acco cab... The GenV (or MkV) is the fifth generation in MacDonald Johnston's side loader range. There are some good improvements that have been made to their SL range, such as the better RotaGrab arm. As for Iveco, an example is the new Cummins ISC05 engine that they've thrown into their Accos. If you put a Genv and an Acco together, you get one good truck... Check out the video responses for a video of the new features on the GenV, further footage of the garbage collection and a video of the GenV Recycler collecting the recycling. I really like the sound of the new engine! =] I hope you enjoy the footage of this two week old truck, ratings and comments are greatly appreciated. Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 22m MkV SPORT : Standard Refuse Body Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: Randwick City Contractor: WSN Environmental Solutions Collection Type: Garbage / Trash



Duration: 8 minutes : 40 seconds
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