Video - Tigr vs. Iveco the battle for expert approval

Videos Iveco Tigr vs. Iveco the battle for expert approval

Tigr vs. Iveco the battle for expert approval

The Russian Armed Forces can now order domestically assembled Italian Iveco LMV M65 armored vehicles. According to the Defense Ministry, KAMAZ will soon begin their production. Meanwhile, the army already has a Russian equivalent, the prominent Tigr, or Tiger, but experts say the two vehicles have little in common. For example, the Iveco and Tigr vehicles employ different armor technology to protect their crews. The Russian vehicle is equipped with a solid armored shell, while the Italian model uses ceramic panels attached to the vehicle's frame. The vehicles' interiors significantly diverge as well. The Iveco interior includes several partitions, and the driver and crew captain are separated from the rest of the crew members. In contrast, the Tigr is not partitioned within, and any crew member can take the wheel without exiting the vehicle. The Italian vehicle is also smaller and can seat five people, including the driver, whereas the Tigr seats nine. The foreign vehicle features comfortable seating, while the Russian model adheres to a more ascetic and functional design. However, Russia has already agreed with Italy to buy ten Iveco vehicles, and the KAMAZ plant will be able to start assembling them by late 2011.

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