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Watts Waste - The "New" Truck

On a Tuesday during my 2009 April holidays, I took a brief cruise through the local industrial area and had two encounters with two Watts Waste rear loaders. The first was with one of Watts' Freightliners, which I had really wanted to find for a while. As I headed off to get to the truck's next stop for a video, I just got out of the driveway where I heard the sound of a roaring Acco, then witnessed a second clean and shiny Watts RL fly into the street I was on, then swing into the driveway I came out of and stop right where the Freightliner stopped 30secs earlier lol Unfortunately, that was the last job for that truck today, so I didn't score any videos :/ However, a week later during the last day of those holidays I was on my way to see a second lot of Warringah trucks where I took a correct turn onto a particular street and saw this truck backed up a driveway. It was just good timing that after my arrival, the driver rolled the truck down to the end of this driveway, engaged the park brake and then emptied the 2 x 1.5m, 1 x 1100L and 2 x 660Ls waiting to be dumped. This find made my morning! Funny how when you plan things, you don't get what you want and then when you don't plan things, things become the ultimate success! Hope you enjoy the footage I snapped up, please rate and comment, then a big cheers to the driver of this truck, a legend and a very speedy worker... Watts Waste ain't losing money with this guy :) Body Make: Compaction Systems (now Superior Pak ...

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